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General Purpose Ultrasonic Transducers


Technical Specifications


We offer full range of ultrasonic testing cables. These cables are manufactured with reinforced junctions between the cable & the connector. Cables are available in single, dual with Lemo, Mini Lemo, BNC, Microdot or Subvis connector. We can also offer customized cable depending upon your needs or application.

Cables Cables

Probe Membranes & Shoes


Calibration Blocks

We offer a complete range of standard & custom ultrasonic reference standards (also referred to as test blocks or calibration blocks). All the reference standards are made from metal stocks that have been ultrasonically inspected prior to fabrication

Calibration Blocks Calibration Blocks


Adapters Adapters


We offer FlawGel series of general purpose ultrasonic couplant which is offered in 500ml dispenser or in powder form. We also offer specialized couplants like higher temperature, shear wave, low sulphur etc.