• Ultrasonic Flaw Detector – Ekko
    Lightweight palmtop unit weighing 28 OZ (800 gms)
    High resolution (800 x 480 pixels) WVGA display
    Removable Micro SD card up to 8 GB
    Auto plotting dynamic DAC
    Test Range in steel: 0.10” (2.5mm) to 200” (5 M)
    Square Wave Pulser
  • Apollo Series LED Film Viewers
    High Power SMD LED’s
    Built-in Writing Lamp(Apollo 412 & Apollo 4517)
    Viewing Screen Adjustable Shutters
    Electronic Brightness Control
    Foot Switch Control
    Corrosion Resistant AL Body
    As per ASTM E1390
  • LED UV lamp / Black Lights
    Ergonomically designed robust housing
    Long lasting LED’s (40000 hrs) life
    Instant ON/OFF, no warm-up time for full intensity
    Mechanical cooling system with no internal fan
    Rechargeable external Li-Ion battery pack for field applications
    Even beam profile without Hotspot
    UV-A pass filter
  • Lead Intensifying Screens
    Quality Assured
    Flexible & Durable
    High Intensification
    Full Range of Thicknesses
    Full Range of Cut Sizes
    Premium Materials
  • Yokes
    DC filed Intensity potentiometer
    Articulated legs with span of 300mm
    Can be used for AC demagnetization
    Input single phase 110-250 VAC 50/60 Hz
    No risk of sparking or “hot spots” on the job

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